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Art-i-Fax--Reflections: "Talking Trees"

This year's theme is "Reflections" - the idea is to pay homage to the people and events that helped shape Colfax, while also reflecting upon what kind of community we want to foster in the future. The party is part celebration, part demonstration. We'll be shutting down Park Ave from Colfax to Humboldt so attendees can experience the space as a public plaza and let us know what kind of programming they'd like to see in a space like this on Colfax.

From info panel: “This is a Talking Tree featuring poetic compositions from youths in Denver’s Historic Five Points neighborhood (Cole Middle School, Heart & Hand Center, St. Charles Rec Center, and Glenarm Rec Center) **Karime, Taylor, Alexis, Justin, Riley, Essence, Jimena, Chris, Naydelin, David, Nalani, Benyamin, Ignacio, Carmen, Mathias, Da’jea, Jhaycob, Alexa, Madison, Gary, Lency, Kiya, Raya** Within the context of a city-wide conversation about identity, growth, community, and change, this project seeks to emphasize and celebrate the perspectives of those whose voices are largely silenced: the voices of kids. Concept by Elyssa Law, in partnership with Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Rocky Mountain Land Library, OhHeckYeah!.