Sunrise, Sunset

I like to take pictures of the sunset because it looks peaceful; it also reminds me my home in Vietnam. My home country is halfway around the world, so I don't usually go to visit. When I miss my home out there, I usually look at the sunset. The sunset in the US is the sunrise in Vietnam.

In Vietnamese:
Tôi thích chụp những bức hình về hoàng hôn bởi vì nó trông rất bình yên. Cảnh hoàng hôn còn gợi nhớ cho tôi về nhà của tôi ở Việt Nam. Quê hương của tôi thì cách nữa vòng trái đất, vì vậy tôi không thường xuyên về thăm quê. Những khi nhớ quê nhà tôi thường ngắm hoàng hôn. Hoàng hôn ở Mỹ là bình minh ở Việt Nam.


By Hanh Nguyen
Emily Griffith workshops for refugees
Fall 2016



Ghostly Hobby

We love storytelling. So on Saturdays we visit the cemetery and find a new soul to write about. We scour the headstones looking for clues, then write mini biographies. Then we search for a relative of the deceased and interview them to learn some fascinating truths. Then we invite our friends to the cemetery at night on a full moon. We provide candles and drink wine as we retell our own fabricated stories mixed with the real one and have our guests distinguish the true story. Then we create a little bonfire on the edge of the park and toast marshmallows and make s'mores while everyone shares original ghost stories.


By C. Read
Doors Open Denver Session
June 2016