River Sound

By Amy Noltensmeyer

What does a river sound like? It's difficult to describe. When one can hear, we simply know the sound of a river. But to actually describe it presents a challenge. To me, it's the voice of God speaking to me. Sometimes a little trickle is a gentle whisper...an I love you on a sunny day. Other times, it's laughter. He's running though the trees playing hide and seek with me. I'm chasing, and he suddenly turns to me and yells, "Boo!", laughing so loudly that every other sound fades into the background. It's children's laughter, too many to count, giggling at the bees lighting on blossoms. When you close your eyes and focus on the river, the sound carries itself out from the banks and wraps around your shoulders like a hug. It calls to you as you leave the banks, begging for you to return...to stay...to play.