By Delonna S.

The destruction is injected and all worries disappear. Your addiction unnoticed, total annihilation is near. The first time with a needle in your arm is no big thing, you just want to feel that so-talked-about unforgettable sting. So eventually you’ll try a few more times, cause the feeling you get is incredible times 5, and how it’s a never again achievable intensified high. It has not become a problem, yet your obsession and curiosity have not been met. You’ll just have to take it to the limits just to say no and when to quit. With every injection it goes downhill a little more. She is slowly invading and replacing who you are. But the pain to have her will be ignored. The signs are there and as plain as day, but the hold she has on you you’re unable to turn away. So now you have a hunger that cannot be fed and most junkies now wish that they were dead. All desire and hope have died. Just to feel that incredible needed feeling. Inside your soul is numb, you no longer feel, your life ain’t lived and your reality ain’t real. Your attitude is as mean and as cold as ice. But as long as she runs through you you’ll never think twice. People who love you wish to have you back, but as long as she’s with you you’re only loyal to that sack. You’ve lost everything you held near but a day without her is all that you fear. So now you’re in denial and you choose to play with death for awhile. Well, you have a choice either continue to die inside or do what is right, but your attempts to stay clean never last and it’s back to doing big ass blasts. You live and you breathe just to stay high. Just to feel her evil inside and no matter what you do or what you need, she will always be with you—you stick in that bitch and you start to bleed. And now realize that this is your most precious and valued thing, this is what you need to survive. She has ruined who you are but she’s the death you call life.