To Rest

By Sheryl Luna

The A&D Motel on West Colfax,

Mental Health Center hotel voucher,

Torn up carpet, small fridge,

Thankful, despite the old woman

Running the place, telling

The maintenance man

I broke the toilet—

“She’s mental,” she says,

Finger pointed towards her small head.

Yet I am joyous; I laugh.

First time I’ve caught luck,

Compassion. The warm spring’s

Wildflowers peak from rocks along

The cracked white stucco walls of the place.

I am free, a new belief in karma.

Transitional housing. My life broad

Turn. I am opening to sky and light.

A steady check coming soon. Rhythm

Without strain, a windblown face

Eager to risk shame. The world needs

Stories, the world needs breath and starlight.

We are all headed home after all.