Sea's Rage

By Trish Veal

Seeing SEA in his Large looming Awesomeness.

The Dark and Moody nature of the


Violent swells

in the stormy moments

Outlined by silver and blackened clouds

sending out thunder and lightning strikes

I have been there

carrying on gleaming

in the serene

Sobering Quiet

as waves loving lap upon my toes

with foaming diamond crystal

as sparkles

heated by the crisis to become glass.


Shards sitting

beached on baited breath

to crash

upon his raw open shoreline

Leaving in his wake

festering putrid lying stench

he has spewed upon the coast

as wretched refuse

that was once my self esteem


in his beauty

Only to be caught

in his riptide

that carries me

to the jagged rocks below

that are his mutilated being

being devastate gravely

in the undermining of seeing his own beauty

from the trauma he has suffered

by the pollution heaped upon him

In the drunken agony

he sets to cripple all

to his sorrow


the YAR soul

traveling upon his currents

Rough or smooth

As he issues forth

Vituperating breakers