By Telsa G.

All these paths seem the same shadows, cracked pavement, walls full of shame. Felt as if I was better off being selfish ole me. At the end of my tunnel was chrome, pockets full of greed, smiling at it all but inside I was lost and in need. Everything I touched I destroyed, streets made me, I was never employed, I was the boss of it all, no money I ignored, days turned to weeks, time flew by. How could it not when I always stayed high, I had a rep, something to do every morning. I can’t give up, they look up to me. Gotta stay zoned in, now I’m going in, no war stories were the same. It may look good, gutter and gold, by mu soul was broken, heart caked up with mold, numb to it all even with my face plastered on the news. I laughed so hard as my crew looked at me for what to do. Long story short, I was working at life. Then I gave mine up to see what I had possibly dug up inside. I should be gone, as many of us should. But I discovered this man, one who is the Almighty, letting him live inside me. The next chapters are full of temptation. Some I dodged, some I gave into, but have no fear. This man never leaves or forsakes. It is only us who tries to delete and replace knees bruised from my cries, the ones I thought were unheard. But right there was my Lord Jesus Christ offering comforting words. It may seem absurd, but it’s not what I’ve seen but what I’ve heard…the promise of peace. And one more thing: it’s not just promised to me.