By S.A.M.

You’re a shining beauty and your inner beauty was simply lovely…beyond merely pretty. Her gorgeous long dark hair flows in the night breeze. As lilies brush against her shoulders, butterflies drift around us. The moon shone over her head protecting her from harm. Her face was vibrantly alive. The arch of her eyebrows was an expression of suspicion and disdain. She does it so perfectly, but this night a milder eyebrow action. Mere cool curiosity. Her gaze as her dark almond eyes danced when she looked into the stars. You always see the sparkling which focuses the gold of her irises like beams of light. So luminous, with a dangerous curl to die for. Her glamorous thick eyelashes hinted of secrets and mysteries. A fine high bridged nose uplifts by her cheekbones as she blushes, so truly defined with compassion. The luxury of her sweet kisses always had me trembling wanting more and more. Her sensuous lips so fully defined—as sexy as can be. Her silky honeyed tone arising with tenderness, a tenderness angel. When she smiles so naturally it is so breathtaking, truly mesmerizing and achingly Pure Beauty.

You will be beautiful forevermore in my eyes.