4 Pieces by Cormisha G.

Black Music Notes

Every time I think of you

I see a black note, on a black piece of paper

Not knowing what to play

My mind and heart is in a dark hole

and I’m not hearing what Love is supposed to say

It is a bottomless pit and a continuous drop

The anger I feel for you is an anger that is non-stop

So yes it is hard to forget especially to try and forgive

Being with you was a changed life to live

So I write these words on my notepad

and forget about the time you made me sad

because I don’t know whether to be mad

Let me tell you Love is a powerful thing

It can make you weak or it can make you sing

It can make you fly or it can make your heart die

But see, you killed my heart times nine

And now I hate fairy tales, love rhyme

I can go on and on with my black music notes

But you can’t see them anyway

and they will never be in the grave to lay

They’re going to be with me until my dying days

Time can tick on and the memories will never fade

Selfish of me to want you in my place

Rewind so you can get the taste of my black music notes

I hope they foam in your mouth and make you choke

From the venomous toxin that is polluting my mind

Because I hate doing this all the time

This shyt is stuck in my mental

and now burning my teeth

Fuck please give me some dental

And I’m stressing and it’s causing me pimples

from my black music notes.



The cool breeze from the early morning grass,

The sun peeking at me like we’re playing a game of hide and seek.

The smell of fresh grass and dirt,

Hearing the clap of each foot hitting the trail.

The itchy straw on my head.

The softness of the hair as I ride the horse.

I will never forget this moment, because that was the best memory

I have when my mom and dad were together.

I think little people know what a family feels like.

This memory has been forgotten about until today.

It’s crazy the things forgotten, and why it would come up at a time when

I never thought about it before.

Something powerful to hold onto, to keep in mind.



I have to since the Lord does, but forgiving him I feel like a fool.

Gave him so many chances—still I don’t feel like forgiving him. It’s cool.


He gave me so many tears I call them “pain drop,” since the pain don’t stop.


It stains my heart to knots, my soul is dark, and my love is cold.

The fucked up part is his love was mold.


Forgive and forget is what I should do

but how can I if the same thing that happened to me happened to you?


Let me explain: he lies, cheats, he’s gay, and he’ll frame.

Since I met him he’s been one childish game.


So if I forgive will that make me lame? Or a punk? Maybe weak?


Just pouring all my pride down the sink

and turning sissy like the color pink?


When I’m bold I’m like the color red

Plus that nigga wanted me dead


after I made love to him in my own bed.

Enough of that said:


To forgive means

to live.


The Way I Think of Love

I would be nothing without Love

When I was created it was with Love

Growing up I have been loved and protected by my

Almighty Father

Each time I think of him I Love

When I love it comes from the Lord to the ones I Love

So I love my parents

I love my spouse

I love my siblings

I love my love, my family

I love myself

Again I will be nothing without Love!

“Love is what makes the world go ‘round—not money, not power, it’s Love” –Cormisha G