3 Pieces by Adrienne T.


I remember one of the many houses I grew up in. There was a green apple tree & my mom would make fresh homemade apple pie.

I remember a white, barn-style shed in the backyard next to the apple tree, & it was padlocked & I somehow convinced by big brother Sean to unlock it. He did & I opened the boxes marked Christmas & threw the glass ornaments on the ground, cause I liked the sound they made. And one of the shards of glass struck my cheek. I now have a scar & a memory I can never forget.

I remember watching football with my dad down in the musty basement. He’d be in his favorite recliner (ugly as hell) & I’d be on the floor, which was yellow & brown shag carpeting. I’d have my coloring book & My Little Pony collection.

He’d get on the floor with me during commercials & color & play with me. I later had My Little Pony collection slowly disappear as we moved many times after my parents’ divorce. 


I Will Stand Tall Because…

I’ve gone through so much hell & back. This life I’ve been living has its tough times & its rough times. But it all makes me the strong woman I have become. I’m a better person today & can give my advice to others & know that they take it seriously. I no longer live in fear & I’m able to take on whatever life throws my way. I’m a strong survivor & I’m leading a better life & I continue to Stand Tall.


I see a beautiful lady.

I see a strong woman.

I see a survivor.

I see a warrior.

I see ME.


One Wish

My one wish would be to turn back time and have more time with LeRoy my father-in-law. To show him how much I appreciate all he did for me in the 3 years I got to have with him. He gave me the opportunity to keep communication open with my husband during the 9 months of hell in my stay in prison. He gave me so much that I wished I could give him back the love he had for me and the respect he gave—and to repay him back.