2 Pieces by Marilee L.

The Mask I Wear

The mask I wear right now at 46 and in the facility is the Joker or Weisenheimer mask. When I’m feeling down I act like a clown.

When I want to run and hide, my laughter it will subside.

When people want to poke, I will turn around and make a joke.

When I was young, my grandma used to like to have fun. Her laughter was contagious when I was feeling down, and less vivacious when I would hide behind my tears; her laughter was music to my ears.

The mask I wear is how I survive; I like to think I am alive.



I was so excited to hear that the Writing to Be Free program was going to hold workshops here in the facility. I’m a convicted felon and an adult mother whose family is torn apart from my drug use, bad behaviors and negative outlook on life. Just in the 1st class it has helped me to learn to write and open up about my feelings and that learn that I am not alone. I cried my eyes out, but for happiness this time. Thank you so much for bringing this workshop and these ladies & teachers into my life. I appreciate the experience.