History and Science

by Yuliya Nekhai

I remember one beautiful day in Denver two years ago. I walked around the gorgeous park right next to my work. Deep blue and absolutely clean sky was reflected in the lake, where only lazy geese interrupted the perfection of the water. Squirrels jumped among still-fresh greenery and tried to steal something from the picnic baskets while people played volleyball and weren't paying attention at them.

Everybody was smiling, laughing, dancing and enjoying life. Everybody, except me. Do you know that type of feeling, when you want to be around people, but don't want them to notice you? When you want to run away from everything what you knew before? My mood was so opposite to this happiness around, felt like an alien on a celebration of life. But suddenly, as it usually happens in Colorado, the weather changed: cold wind brought dark heavy clouds, which covered clear sky in a second. It looked as though the rain would begin any moment and nobody was planning to get wet after whole day of sun. I didn't have umbrella or something to wear. My mind started to looking for a way out. I didn't really understand why I decided to walk in doors of Denver Museum of History and Science, but it was love from the first moment.

All of these interesting things arrested my attention, the kinds of things that inspire the imagination of kids and adults. Every single room is so different from each other, that you never can expect what kind of new world will be there. Nobody is hurrying, running, or stressing out here. People are spending time with families, children, friends and everyone can find something wonderful and to be passionate about. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Was exploring our environment from thousand years ago to future, being inside of human or traveling all aver in the universe. Is that not magic?

And they have a huge window with a beautiful view of the park and downtown. I sat there for a couple of hours, watching the sun set and crying. Because I’d finally found the place where my soul felt peace and calm, a place that give me energy to breathe again. Since this day, if I have any life questions, I know where to find the answers: The Denver Museum of History and Science.