Proximity in Isolation

by Alida Franco


Connect? Disconnect? Intention?
Skipped spaces? Why bother?

Proximity in isolation,
Better than nothing.
What does togetherness mean today?
I like him. Do you?
I’ll never say.

I like her. Do you?
I’ll never say.

Then, what?
Gosh, I don’t know.

Wouldn’t it be great to sit together, talk and rock?

Oh. That requires mutual consent, collaboration,
--and maybe coordinated rhythms.

Really? I haven’t thought about that.
No? Well, you really should. It makes the experience--

Here, we are
not alone.

After all, it’s a big city
filled with…
I don’t know – but it’s not distant and remote. No, not that.
We are all here together.

Okay, so what?
Hard to say – I really haven’t thought that far.

Oh, please, just let me sit here alone.
Don’t you want to be with someone?

Yes, of course, can’t you see?
I am – sort of, really.
I mean there are few of us here.

But, do you care?
Me? Care? Well, yes. I mean “No.”
Should I?

That’s up to you.
But, there’s more here than just us.
Can’t you see it?
Hmm… I suppose. What am I supposed to see?

Well, those trees--
the air – the sunshine
You know – the serenity in the oneness of things.

Look! Open your eyes!

I can’t. I simply can’t.
I mean, I really don’t want to.

Suit yourself.



This piece was written as a collaboration Between Drop-In Writing and Drop-In Drawing at the Denver Art Museum, using the plaza in front of the Museum and the La Musidora exhibit, along with an image created by a Drop-In Drawing participant.



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