Music of a Place

By Frank Weaver


Sitting in the plaza of the Denver Art Museum, I notice the Musidora, a long row of rocking chairs that make music. Once in a while, a curious person would stop and give the chairs a slight push and watch them move. Then a mother with a small child stopped. The child quickly crawled up on one of the chairs and wanted to be pushed. The mother gently moved the chair back and forth to an unknown rhythm. After a short while the child got bored and crawled down from the chair. The mother turned and quickly took off after the wandering child. Next came an older couple, they stopped, chatted for a short time, and decided to try. Sitting opposite each other, their conversation was lively with smiles and hand gestures. They seemed to be enjoying the day. After watching the people interact with the outside sculpture, I decided to give it a try, Oh! Well! Here I go.


This piece was written as a collaboration between Drop-In Writing and Drop-In Drawing at the Denver Art Museum, using the plaza in front of the Museum and the La Musidora exhibit, along with an image created by a Drop-In Drawing participant.

Here's the image, The Music of a Place:

Music of a place pic.jpg